Mushroom Chocolate

Buy Mushroom Chocolate Florida

Buy Mushroom Chocolate Florida


Buy Mushroom Chocolate Florida

Project Shine: A Chocolate That Opens Minds By First Opening Eyes

The guiding principle behind our Aquarian chocolate mandate was simple: Let the sunshine in, open up your heart, and let it shine on in. 

What if we could endue chocolate with that light? After multiple experiments, We found a way to craft chocolate that not only reveals the color spectrum but also tastes amazing and launches you on a journey of self-discovery towards a higher plane of existence.

Open this bag and glimpse at a rainbow-hued realm of being.

Then open your mind and embark on a journey to the next level of chocolate.

The adaptogens it contains will launch you to a plane of existence beyond your experience and beyond your imagination.

Take a bite of enlightenment.*

Each blotter-sized bar—0.42 oz / 12 g—comes in an individual heat-sealed pouch.

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